Dr Dean Lomax, Digging for Britain & Past Preservers!

We are so proud to share the following news from Past Preservers expert, Paleontologist Dr Dean Lomax.

I’m absolutely thrilled to reveal the largest ichthyosaur skeleton EVER discovered in Britain!
It was a great honour to lead the excavation and unearth this incredible Jurassic GIANT from its ancient rocky tomb in Rutland! Found by Joe Davis Rutland Water.
The full skeleton was excavated by an exceptional team of palaeontologists and volunteers over the course of three weeks. A HUGE shout out to Nigel Larkin and Dr Mark Evans, who helped lead the dig and ensure the specimen was saved for science.

The ichthyosaur is practically complete from head to tail and measures an incredible 10 metres long. Not only is it the largest ichthyosaur skeleton ever found in Britain, but it is also the most complete skeleton of a large prehistoric reptile ever discovered in the UK. And yes, that includes dinosaurs! Come join me and my team as we unearth this Jurassic beauty in the new series of BBC’s “Digging for Britain”! As this series is dedicated to archaeology, it will be the first time that palaeontology has been covered on the show – they’ve gotta start BIG, right!?

The BIGGEST, most complete skeleton of a prehistoric reptile EVER found in Britain is going to be a tough act to follow!
I thoroughly enjoyed bringing the cameras along for the excavation and I’m even more excited to bring this jaw-dropping palaeo discovery into your homes!
Watch the dig on BBC 2 at 8pm, Tuesday January 11 on Episode 4 of Digging for Britain! https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/m0013dx6
Big thanks to Nigel Hetherington at Past Preservers for pitching my idea to Rare Television and for including the first PALAEO adventure in Digging for Britain

*Images courtesy of Anglian Water, Photography by: Matthew Power