Dr Dean Lomax, Palaeontologist, Author & Science Communicator

Dr Dean Lomax is an internationally recognised multi-award-winning palaeontologist, author and science communicator. Travelling around the world, he works on many fascinating projects from excavating dinosaurs, to discovering and naming new species, and winning a gold medal for excellence in science communication at the Houses of Parliament. Regularly appearing on TV & Radio as an expert, presenter and consultant, including for the primetime series Dinosaur Britain, he is a passionate and experienced communicator of science having also delivered countless public lectures. He has written several books (including three due out in 2021), many academic papers and popular articles, is a leading world authority on ichthyosaurs, and earned his PhD at The University of Manchester, England where he is currently a Visiting Scientist. Dean is also a patron of the UK Association of Fossil Hunters and Mary Anning Rocks!