Be Part of a Landmark TV Series

It’s not often Past Preservers has the chance to design a TV project from scratch, however an opportunity to do just that has just come our way!
Our client is looking to develop a programme that will showcase the next generation of archaeological research and present it to the world on TV.

“The programme will follow the research journey from beginning to end, allowing viewers to participate in the process and better understand all the hard work that goes in to piecing together the past. This would be a fly-on-the-wall documentary and therefore cause minimal disruption; it is primarily designed to showcase the scholarship, whether it’s UK/US based or further afield” 

We have decided to focus but not limit our research to the following areas-
–         Prehistory Archaeology
–         Marine Archaeology
–         Engineering projects in locations with a high chance of archaeological finds
–         ‘Garbageology’/‘Garbology’ & 20th Century Archaeology

To undertake a project of this complexity we need to hear from you about your current projects, your planned work and the organisations you work in and for. We really can’t do this without you, so if you would like to be involved either on screen or off, please ensure you are registered on our website and then drop us an email to casting@pastpreservers expressing your interest.

All the best from the Past Preservers Team