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Win The Pyramids for iPad! 

We would like to offer you the exciting chance to win a free copy of the app The Pyramids from our friends at Touch Press.

With this stunning and stimulating app, you can explore the incredible pyramids and tombs of ancient Egypt. Fly around the plateau where the pyramids and the Sphinx are located at Giza near Cairo. Enter and wander around the labyrinthine tombs and passageways. Examine stunning wall paintings in incredible detail, rotate royal statues and spin 3D objects. Everything has been painstakingly recreated from ultra high-resolution digital imagery captured on location in Egypt by Sandro Vannini, the world’s greatest photographer of archaeological sites and antiquities.

To help explain and illuminate the world of the ancient Egyptians, there is an accompanying interactive book, specially written by world-renowned and expert Egyptologists and Archaeologists. Touch any painting or object in the pyramids and tombs to discover what they represent, who made them and what place they have in the culture of the Old Kingdom. This exquisite app breaks new ground in presenting the treasures of the past and bringing them alive in your hands with the iPad.

To win a free copy of this app from Touch Press, all you have to do is answer the following question:

The third pyramid at Giza, the pyramid of Menkaure, was known in ancient times by what name?

All Answers should be sent to by the 21st of March. All correct answers will be entered into a pool and three lucky winners will receive a copy of the app.

Best of luck!