Working Over Time – Podcast/Pilot TV Series is seeking experts.

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Content production company LittleFire is looking for history experts/academics for a new podcast series Working Over Time. The series is also a complimentary content piece for a prospective network TV show of the same name. Experts are interviewed about a job, career, service, and/or industry in a historical context, often discussing how this subject has changed (or not changed) throughout time. A brief preliminary interview will be held with prospective candidates prior to episode recording sessions. NOTE: All recording sessions will be done remotely over Zoom or similar platform until Covid-19 social distancing restrictions are lifted.

Would you live to see another day as a Roman gladiator? How would you fare as a seamstress during the French Revolution? A Stone Age hunter/gatherer with a nasty case of myopia? What were your chances of contracting the Black Death? 
If you could live during any point in human history, what makes the difference between thriving or…? *Gulp*. Welcome to WORKING OVER TIME, the podcast about living, and dying, in the past. This is a show that analyzes the historical context of any moment in time, yielding a discussion about what it took to survive in the distant – and sometimes not so distant – past.
Each episode, host and friendly neighborhood time traveler Dr. Karen Bellinger (What on Earth?Forbidden History) uses her extensive background in anthropology and historical technology to facilitate fascinating historical conjecture with a plethora of historical experts. 
We’ll discuss anything from Civil War-era surgery (ouch), to pyramid-builders in Ancient Egypt (double ouch). Each episode, guests are asked not only to provide historical facts about a job but also to experiment with introspection, using what they know about history and themselves to discuss whether or not they’d survive – and what other kinds of people throughout history would fare well (or not) during a particular moment in time.  Minutia of discussions include: common challenges and tasks of the time, “day in the life” discussion, etc. 
Production states: Since this podcast is a compliment to a network show, all experts are encouraged to express interest in being involved in the television version of the series.
SHOW REFERENCES: Ologies with Alie WardStuff You Should KnowStuff to Blow Your MindHow to Survive, History That Doesn’t Suck, Expedition Unknown.

Worldwide history experts of all backgrounds are encouraged to apply. However, the first few episode topics are being prioritized. There will be a brief preliminary phone interview with the host and a member of the production team prior to confirmation of participation. 

Ep. 1 – “Shopkeeping/Merchants”
Ep. 2 – “Pharmacists”
Ep. 3 – “Nursing”
Ep. 4 – “Taverns/Hospitality”
Ep. 5 – “Blacksmithing”

PRODUCTION DATES: First episodes recording 4/24-4/27 (tentatively).If this sounds like you, please get in touch with us at with further details about why you would be a good fit for this project, your upcoming availability & current location.
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