Two Job Postings!

We have received the following castings from a trusted production partner who are developing two projects for a major TV Network. They are looking for presenters for the projects, if interested please email us as soon as possible, indicating which position you are interested in  and please ensure your details are up to-date on our website.

HACKLAB is an engineering competition show involving teams of techies, engineers, hackers, and a bevy of brilliant and provocative minds. The show will feature a variety of incredible challenges/builds, all within a hi-tech workshop, where every state-of-the-art tool, machine, and technology will be made available to the teams. The inventions will be inspired by everyday problems, high-concept visions of the future, historical dilemmas, or even world-changing tasks that take on man’s greatest challenges! In the end, one hacker team will be crowned champ. It’s ‘Chopped’ for science!!!

BIG KID JOBS follows three grown-ups who specialize in creating the most fun, awesome stuff at their unique jobs you might’ve never known existed. From testing roller coasters, to inventing new toys, to building playgrounds, to animating for Pixar, we’ll show you all the cool things they get to make and create for a living! Like any job we’ll show the pitfalls, and the harrowing circumstances these grown-ups must overcome to be successful within their particular industries. Plus we’ll gain some insight into the history of their craft, and find out why it inspired each Big Kid to make it their actual life-long profession.