Time Team America’s Chelsea Rose & Dr. Margaret (Meg) Watters Join Past Preservers

Past Preservers Expert Presenter Agency; Past Preservers People, is thrilled to announce that its lineup is growing with the addition of Chelsea Rose and Dr Meg Watters to our team.

Chelsea Rose is an historical archaeologist and adjunct faculty member at Southern Oregon University. Born and raised in northern California, Chelsea has been consumed with a love of history and archaeology from an early age. She focuses her research on the early settlement and development of the American Frontier, exploring the social complexity of the nineteenth century gold rushes, and deconstructing the mythic history of the Wild West. Chelsea frequently works with the media on public archaeology projects, and starred in two seasons of the PBS archaeology series, Time Team America.

Chelsea gives us her take on archaeology “Archaeology is more than action and adventure. It is the science of the human experience.  Where people have lived, how people have lived, and what people have done in the face of social and environmental change.  The treasure we seek is not gold, but insight into history and how it applies to the modern world. Now isn’t that a journey you want to follow? (no bullwhip necessary)”

Dr. Meg Watters specializes in 3D visualization of remotely sensed and excavated data for a new perspective on non-invasive modeling and analysis of archaeological sites. Meg focuses on landscape visualization to help solve archaeological problems and for site preservation and planning.

Since 2000, Meg has worked extensively with the media on productions with National Geographic, Discovery Channel, PBS, and the BBC.  Whether helping search for a Manilan shipwreck, carrying Ming Dynasty porcelains on the Baja Peninsula, mapping sacred Inca landscapes on the Andes Mountains in Peru, discovering new shaft tombs on the Giza Plateau, or exploring the diverse history of the United States, each project brings a unique opportunity to explore and reveal the stories of our past through scientific investigation.

Meg tells us “I get excited about the unique blend of science and humanities that archaeology presents. Our scientific methods that identify and interpret the clues of past events, places, and people enable archaeologists to provide a unique window into the past.  Working with the media is a great vehicle to take the pubic along our journey of investigation and exploration of our history.”

Meg & Chelsea are joining our existing presenters that make up Past Preservers People, a boutique, full service talent management agency which represents experts in their fields from around the globe. The company is built around a small but diverse group of individuals that shares the passion and drive necessary for success in the highly competitive television and film industries.