4166082Past Preservers founder Nigel J.Hetherington and world renowned Egyptologist Dr. Kent R.Weeks’ study on the site management of the Valley of the Kings in Luxor is now available to purchase online.

This volume, one of the few detailed archaeological site management plans from the Arab world, is the result of twenty-five years of work by the Theban Mapping Project at the American University in Cairo. It traces the history of the Valley of the Kings and offers specific proposals to manage the site and protect its fragile contents and has a wider application to sites worldwide. At the same time, it recognizes the need to provide a positive experience for the many visitors who are drawn to the site every year.

At the time of its inception, this was one of the first site management plans developed for an Egyptian archaeological site and as its proposals are implemented, they offer a replicable model for archaeologists, conservators, and site managers throughout Egypt and the region. Published in both English and Arabic editions  by the American University in Cairo Press and supported by the World Monuments Fund, this critical study will help to ensure the survival of Egypt’s patrimony in a manner compatible with the country’s heavy reliance on tourism income.

Nigel says, “This is a combination of over ten years work in the Valley of the Kings and elsewhere in Egypt. For this unique opportunity I have to thank Dr. Kent Weeks and my best wishes also go out to the rest of the Theban Mapping Project team without whom, this work would not have been possible.”