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Here at Past Preservers we wanted to keep everyone updated on our latest castings available. We currently have these 6 jobs open and are looking for experts to fill up these roles!

If these projects interest you, please make sure you are signed up on our online database on our website,and drop us a line at 

Please note that applications can only be submitted when we have received your images, a current CV and a video clip. You must have all these in place for applications to be considered.

Needed: An Active and Sporty Historian/Archaeologist 

A UK based production company is producing a series on the World’s Greatest Buildings. They are looking for a presenter who can abseil down some of the most iconic structures in the world and talk about the history and architecture as they go.

Needed: A Historian/Arhcaeologist Who Can Delve into Past Lives

Are you interested in past life regression? A production company is working on an exciting new show about past lives. They’re looking for a historian in the NYC area to join their team of experts and who is willing and excited to delve into this unique experience. They are looking for experts who have broad historical knowledge and research capabilities and are able to verify historical information during past life regression sessions. The historian would be working alongside a regression therapist and medical professional, allowing them to look at past life regressions at the spiritual, scientific and historical level. If you are interested, please let us know!

Needed: Two Egyptologists who Specialize in Ancient Egyptian Religion

An independent production company is looking for two Egyptologists that specialize in ancient Egyptian religion for a project about the gods of ancient Egypt. They are looking for two hosts, one male and one female. The show is in its planning stages but we will need your submissions by the deadline.

Needed: The Real Indiana Jones or Lara Croft

We all know that archaeology is serious. But have you ever had a side of you that wants to be the next Indiana Jones or Lara Croft? Do you find yourself humming the famous Indiana Jones theme song as wander through archaeological sites or in your office?  

 A factual TV production company are on the look-out for a new on-screen presenter, but not just any presenter. They are looking for someone who has the same passion for relics, adventure and the historical world as Indiana Jones and Lara Croft and the physical stamina to match! If you are someone who loves a challenge and has had experience in either traveling through deserts or jungles, navigating megacities at the bottom of the ocean, or crossing dangerous frontiers in search of the world’s lost treasures, then we are looking for you!

 Needed: An Expert on Bread and Beer Making in Ancient Egypt

A major international network is looking for two experts available to be in Egypt who can provide insight into ancient bread and beer making. They are looking for professionals with experience of Egyptian daily life and the bread and beer making process in particular the Tomb of Ti in Saqqara. A second expert is needed to talk about the tombs of the west bank of Luxor in relation to the daily life of ancient Egyptians

Needed: A Nat Geo Explorer with A Project to Share

National Geographic is searching for the most incredible expeditions of 2013 to film and feature in a dynamic new blue chip adventure series that will take viewers to the edge of the world… and back. Every riveting episode will feature a new explorer, a new territory, and a new adventure, which will redefine the limits of possibility. Production has begun, but if you have an expedition happening this year, Nat Geo would love to hear from you and potentially feature you in the series. Missions will ideally combine risk-taking adventure with mind-blowing science.

These jobs are now closed