Secrets in the Ice!

We are searching for expert contributors for this wonderful new project due to film in Toronto the week beginning the 28th October!  We need archaeologists, anthropologists, climatologists, glaciologists, geologists, historians, paleontologists, survival & travel experts. You would be required for a day or two at most, a fee and travel and expenses would be paid.
Show Brief
Earth’s climate is changing. As a result, ice sheets, glaciers and permafrosts across the world are beginning to reveal perfectly preserved fragments of history that offer new information about our planet.
Secrets in the Ice is a one-hour factual series that examines the historical, geological and biological phenomena that were once frozen in time and are now beginning to surface. Merging CGI re-creations, advanced scanning technology and scientific research, the series analyzes the curiosities that have emerged from the melting ice, explores how and why they got there in the first place and contemplates what may still be concealed in the frozen depths.

From enigmatic Cold War military bases and ancient Alaskan forests to mummified bodies wrapped in copper and peculiar geographic anomalies, a treasure trove of fascinating insights into our past – and possibly our future – is materializing right before our very eyes.

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