Excerpts from Ancient China from Above, Conspiracies Decoded, Anciens bâtisseurs: l’île de Pâques, Britain’s Most Historic Towns, Drain the Oceans, Forbidden History, Lost Treasures of Egypt, Mysteries of the Abandoned, Mysteries of the Deep, Phantom Signals, Secrets In The Ice, Strange Evidence, Mummy Mysteries, Rob Riggle: Global Investigator, Scanning The Nile, Secrets, What on Earth? & World War Weird.

With thanks to, Dr Alexander Clarke, Alicia Gutierrez-Romine, Dr Allan Maca, Andrew Kinkella, Arto Belekdanian, Beverley Goodman, Dr Bob Bianchi, Brenna Hassett, Dr Dale Simpson Jr, Graham McKay, Jennifer Lee Jellicorse, John Ward, Dr Karen Bellinger, Dr Katie Paul, Dr Kenya Davis-Hayes, Klint Janulis, Dr Maria Nilsson, Marianne Tames-Demauras, Mateusz Polakowski, Meredith Brand, Michael Tuttle, Natasha Billson, Nick Higgs, Dr Peggy Brunache, Dr Peter Caddick-Adams, Dr Peter Campbell, Dr Rebecca Bradshaw, Rob Rondeau, Dr Sheila Hoffman, Dr Sian Proctor, Simon Elliott & Dr Turi King!

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