Polybook, Knowledge Tracker!

At Past Preservers we are always on the lookout for partners that compliment the work we do and that can offer our experts, colleagues & friends a useful product, we believe we have found that with Polybook!

What is Polybook?

Polybook is a new note-taking app designed specifically for heritage professionals & academics such as yourself.

The idea behind the app is HUGE (using the concept of “Knowledge Tracking” to build a massive, community-generated, decentralised knowledge-base from 1000s of personal encyclopaedias as a tool to combat misinformation, conspiracy theories and the issues surrounding censorship and deplatforming..!)

But the short term vision is far simpler (and easier to explain). 
This is a platform to help quality factual content get seen and shared.

We’re excited to invite you to be one of the first users.

Exclusive Offer!

This offer is currently only available to the Past Preservers network, and as an early adopter you’ll receive all these benefits:

  • Free Pro User account when launched.
  • Priority promotion on our social channels.
  • Boosted visibility of content and profile.
  • Your content boosted within our “discover” section.
  • Your content on our social channels and newsletters.