Past Preservers Photography Competition

We are looking for your favourite historical, archaeological or heritage photograph to be our 2017 Christmas Card. Your images can be funny, breathtaking, inspiring, sad, nostalgic; you choose and the public will be the judges! All entries will be displayed on our Facebook page and the lucky winner will receive a $50 Amazon gift voucher. The winner will be selected according to the highest number of likes received on the competition album on Facebook.
The simple Rules are!
1) Entries are limited to one per person
2) You must own the copyright of the image
3) Your photo must include a caption
4) Your entries must be sent to
5) The deadline for entries is the 22nd of December
6) Your photo must have a historical, archaeological or heritage theme
That`s it friends! Now get out there, take pictures, discover your past and show us all the wonders of the world! Looking forward to seeing your amazing photographs!