The Archaeology Channel Conference on Cultural Heritage Media & International Film and Video Festival 2016

Past Preservers are honoured to announce that they will be the official media partner for The Archaeology Channel Conference on Cultural Heritage Media and International Film and Video Festival 2016.In partnership with Heritage in Action, Past Preservers will also co-chair a session for The Archaeology Channel Conference on Cultural Heritage Media, to be held from 11 – 15 May 2016 in Eugene, Oregon, USA.

The Archaeology Channel Conference on Cultural Heritage Media, organized by Archaeological Legacy Institute (ALI), supports the discussion and exploration of audiovisual media for the study, preservation and promotion of cultural heritage through symposia, presentations, an exhibit hall and other events.ALI’s goal is to create an unparalleled worldwide networking opportunity for cultural heritage filmmakers and others interested in the making and uses of cultural heritage media, including archaeologists, indigenous groups, musicians, artists, tourism operators, journalists, educators, historic preservation organizations and others.

The Conference is held in conjunction with the thirteenth annual edition of The Archaeology Channel International Film and Video Festival, a juried competition in the cultural heritage film genre.

“The Conference and Festival are very visible expressions of our intention to develop media in the service of humanity” says ALI Founder Richard Pettigrew.  Heritage in Action (HiA) Founder Kelly Krause adds that the events present an ideal opportunity for each organization. “HiA gets to help organize an event with two like-minded organizations,” says Krause.“Bringing together our strengths and unique experiences will allow us to better contribute to the growth of cultural media as a tool for advocacy and industry development.”

Past Preservers Founder Nigel Hetherington agrees that the event is a perfect demonstration of all three organizations’ missions to support an innovative sector that uses archaeology and cultural heritage to confront broader challenges. “This partnership is going to be a wonderful means for all sides to further quality archaeology and media content in ways that go beyond entertainment alone,” says Nigel.

About HERITAGE IN ACTION: Heritage in Action (HIA) works with local organizations and cultural sites to drive socio-economic growth around the world. HiA aims to elevate cultural heritage as an integral part of development processes through media and storytelling, travel and exploration, and hands-on engagement with cultural places and the communities connected to them.

About THE ARCHAEOLOGY CHANNEL: The Archaeology Channel (TAC) is the primary project of Archaeological Legacy Institute (ALI), an organization founded by archaeologist Richard M. Pettigrew to develop initiatives and tools that“make archaeology more effective, both in gathering important information about past human lifeways and in delivering that information to the public and the profession.” Devoted to archaeological research and its contributions to science and to humanity, ALI believes fundamentallythat archaeology delivers important messages about our origins and development as a species