Past Preservers and SAFE

Here at Past Preservers, we are proud to be kicking off SAFE’s “Say YES to Egypt” campaign right here in Cairo.

SAFE launched “Say YES to Egypt” campaign three years ago in response to the frightening news about the looting and destruction of Egypt’s cultural heritage. Their goal was to raise awareness about the situation and show solidarity for the people in Egypt. Thanks to the enthusiastic response of supporters around the world, buttons were distributed around the globe, from Greece to Australia to Sweden to Canada – check out their Flickr page to see pictures posted by supporters showing off their buttons.

This April, in honor of 2014 Beacon Award Winner and Past Preservers Expert Monica Hanna, SAFE will re-launch this awareness campaign and distribute “Say YES to Egypt’s Heritage” buttons in Egypt. The team at Past Preservers will begin the campaign in Egypt by sponsoring the production of the first 500 buttons. Dr. Hanna and Past Preservers Expert and Professor Salima Ikram of the American University in Cairo will help give them out. All wearers are asked to have their photos taken with the buttons (selfies are perfect!) Their photos will join these to make a statement to the world that we all stand together to save the past for our future. 

You can also Join SAFE in New York City to honor the Monica Hanna for her extraordinary efforts to raise public awareness about the looting of the Egypt’s ancient heritage. Don’t miss this rare opportunity to meet Dr. Hanna and listen to her firsthand accounts and unique approach to the problem. Reserve early, space is limited!

You too can join Past Preservers and sponsor SAFE’s ”Say YES to Egypt’s Heritage” with a donation of $100 for 500 buttons. Help spread the word. Each campaign donor will be acknowledged on our Say YES” campaign page and on our cause page. Campaign ends April 30.