Past Preservers and ECHO

New York, London & Cairo – 24 June 2013 – We are proud to announce that Nigel J. Hetherington, Owner and Founder of Past Preservers has been appointed a Trustee for the Egyptian Cultural Heritage Organisation (ECHO) and Past Preservers has been designated as a media partner for the charity.

ECHO is an organisation committed to assisting young Egyptians in preserving and managing the world heritage of Egypt as the most effective, long-term, sustainable and least expensive means of safeguarding the threatened archaeological record.

Their main aim is the dissemination of information achieved through their publicationsevents, and training courses. Also, through their Heritage Consultancy service they provide guidance on all matters relating to cultural heritage management.

They aim not only to update people on all matters relating to the current issues affecting Egyptian cultural heritage, but also to provide services enabling people to obtain a range of information of relevance to Egyptian cultural heritage.

Currently they are funding projects that range from field schools in Egypt, to scholarships for Egpytian students studying abroad and other educational ventures.

Nigel’s rolse is as a fundraising executive and media co-oridnator and Past Preservers will be a media partner. Together we will be responsible for raising awareness of ECHO’s latest events and projects and promoting their organisation through our contacts and network.

To learn more about ECHO, follow them on Facebook  and check out their website.