Launch of Fabula – Storytelling by Experts!

An industry leading approach to developing successful new documentaries.

August 2023

This month has seen the launch of a new and innovative approach to developing compelling documentaries with the very best factual talent attached. Fabula has been founded by Nigel J. Hetherington, CEO of the Past Preservers expert casting agency, and Tony McMahon, former BBC news producer and regular documentaries contributor.

Fabula has exclusive access to both the talent database of Past Preservers and an impressive contact book of academics, journalists, entertainers, presenters, and a vast range of professionals. Working with the database of experts at  Past Preservers, we are developing documentary concepts based on their research, publications & careers that matches the needs of the industry. 

We believe our methodology will meet broadcasters aims in a timely and cost-efficient manner bringing well thought out documentary ideas attached to talent and supported by Fabula. This is our invitation to the industry to begin working with Fabula to source the very best ideas with the very best people.

Fabula has a strategy to promote diversity. The Diversity Lab is a ground-breaking idea to identify, nurture, and place voices from diverse backgrounds into documentaries as presenters and contributors. It’s our mission to sweep away tokenism and box ticking approaches to diversity, instead developing impactful content that heroises our talent. We are already working on great ideas with presenters from different ethnicities, heritages, and sexualities.

Fabula hopes that the industry will value The Diversity Lab and support it in whatever way is possible, whether in-kind or investment. We are open to discussion on this.

We call ourselves Fabula as it’s the Latin for story and it’s storytelling that is at the beating heart of what we do. We also think we and our experts are rather fabulous! Whatever you are looking to develop in the months ahead, come to Fabula as your creative and talent sourcing partner.

Nigel Hetherington, Fabula director, explains:

“We can help get a documentary from concept to broadcast quicker than anybody else through our access to ideas and talent. Fabula will shoulder some of the creative burden and smooth the path to success.”

Tony McMahon, Fabula director, adds:

“Nigel and I have learned from the media industry and understand your hopes and frustrations. Fabula is our response to your needs. Combining decades of broadcast experience and relationships. Let’s work collaboratively to get great projects realised.”

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