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History Business Podcast

From organisational tips to how to promote your work, hosts Lucy Jane Santos and Laura Fitzachary are joined by guests to take an honest look at building a freelance career in history.

Archaeologists in Quarantine

Archaeologists in Quarantine is a LIVE streaming show on the Instagram & YouTube channels ‘behind the trowel.’ Created by Past Preservers Expert Presenter, Natasha Billson.

History with Jackson

Here on the History with Jackson we speak about a wide range of history across the ages. We have weekly episodes where we talk about different areas of history, and we have monthly conversations with historians about their specialisms and their recent work.

The Daily Medieval Podcast

Hosted by Luke Daly. The Daly Medieval Podcast talks about all things Medieval! As such, tune in every week for videos on the medieval combat sport of Buhurt, podcasts on Medieval History, and more!

Underground History

Hosted by Chelsea Rose. Underground History is an award winning monthly public radio segment that spotlights little-known aspects of history through the lens of archaeology. The program’s goals are to shine a light on, and inform listeners of, the rich and sometimes complicated past of the region and beyond. 

The Goddess Project Podcast

Dr Carla Ionescu shines a light on the roles these goddesses played in shaping cultural identities and spiritual beliefs. Her work explores the impact of their worship and rituals on ancient societies. This podcast also invites experts in archaeology, mythology, theology, and women’s studies to provide insightful perspectives.

The Pseudo-Archaeology Podcast

Dr Andrew Kinkella brings you stories about pseudo-archaeology and the real stories behind the false claims.

The Napoleonic Wars Podcast

Hosted by Napoleonic historian Dr Zack White, the show covers all the angles of the period 1775-1815, looking at history from the perspectives of those who fought in the ranks, stayed at home, or had to make the tricky command decisions, as well the wider impact of the conflict across the globe.

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