Past Preservers Expert Presenter Agency; Past Preservers People, is excited to announce that our line-up of presenters is growing with the addition of Archaeologist & Historian Jessica McGinn to our team.

Jessica is a recent merit graduate of the Human Osteology and Funerary Archaeology Masters of Science programme at the University of Sheffield, who has worked in both public-facing and curatorial roles within the heritage and customer service sectors. She fell in love with archaeology along with thousands of other people watching Harrison Ford use his fists and wit to find hidden treasures around the world. She says “Real archaeology is much less like the movies, but a lot more rewarding. I have had the opportunity to work in Greece, Egypt, and Great Britain and the privilege to explore everything from Minoan palaces to medieval charnel chapels…”

Jessica is ecstatic to join the team as she tells us “I especially love working with the public and Past Preservers has provided me a way to combine my passion for history and film as a presenter.”

Nigel J. Hetherington, Founder & CEO of Past Preservers, says, “Jessica is a great addition to our outstanding lineup of presenters, Past Preservers is proud to welcome her to the team. With her specialities in women in the ancient world, ancient disease, osteoarchaeology and ancient settlements along with her extensive experience with public outreach, we look forward to working with her.”

Jessica is joining our team of presenters that make up Past Preservers People, a boutique, full service talent management agency which represents experts in their fields from around the globe. The company is built around a small but diverse group of individuals that share the passion and drive necessary for success in the highly competitive media world.