Expert Geologists Needed!

Mining TV Project! 
A client is seeking qualified Geologists for an unscripted Discovery Channel television series focusing on gold mining. The expert must have a degree in Geology and/or extensive work experience in the field. They will appear as a on-screen expert helping a gold mining team assess geologic information that will relate directly to prospecting and mining activities.
The series takes place on a secluded ranch in Utah where there may be evidence of gold, silver, and iridium, and the Geologist should be able to run tests for various precious metals while explaining what they are doing both to the other on-screen guests and to the audience in ways that are easily understandable. The Geologist is a crucial part of the mining operation in a very real capacity but also provides the audience with an understanding of the geologic aspects of what is happening on-screen.

Shooting will take place once restrictions on travel etc related to the Corona Virus are lifted.

How to apply! 
If this sounds like you, please get in touch with us at with further details about why you would be a good fit for this project, your upcoming availability for the next three months & your current location.
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