Exciting news… The Past Preservers team is expanding!

Past Preservers People is proud to announce the latest addition to our presenter team: Klint Janulis, an archaeologist expert in prehistory and experimental survival techniques.

Klint’s impressive background includes experience as a former enlisted US Special Forces soldier, combat medic, and survival instructor with a background in palaeoanthropology and geology. He is applying his experience to archaeology to better understand the mind, technology, and hunting practices of prehistoric humans. In his academic work at the University of Oxford, where he is currently finishing his doctorate degree, he blends experimental archaeology with cognitive studies to understand the evolution of human cognition and intelligence.

Klint comes alive on screen and has a talent for relaying the epic tale of human experience in an accessible manner. Klint works as a logistics and prehistoric technology consultant. He is well known for his recent work as lead consultant and presenter in Channel 5’s ‘10,000 B.C.’ He has been interviewed by numerous media outlets and has hosted for both UK- and US-based television channels, including the History Channel and BBC History.

In addition to his academic work Klint has recently published an award-winning,  informational children’s book, “Stone Age”, for DK books. His next publication combines his passions for adventure, archaeology, and food origins. It will investigate the diverse palate of ingredients, techniques and recipes in prehistory and how they can be made available and utilised today by the modern cook.

Nigel J. Hetherington, Founder & CEO of Past Preservers, says “Klint is a remarkable addition to our outstanding lineup of presenters and Past Preservers is proud to welcome him to the team. Klint really knows how to make archaeology approachable and engaging and we look forward to embarking on this new adventure together”.

Joining the Past Preservers team of expert presenters is, in Klint’s own words, “the opportunity to reach out to people and indulge my passion for relaying knowledge about the past and bringing stories about our ancestors to life.”

Klint is joining our team of presenters that make up Past Preservers People, a boutique, full service talent management agency which represents experts in their fields from around the globe. The company is built around a small but diverse group of individuals that share the passion and drive necessary for success in the highly competitive media world.