Close-Up Presenting Promotion

Whether you have zero experience or have featured in programs, Close-Up Presenting is an innovative new way to learn and develop presenting techniques; giving you all the building blocks you need to get in front of the camera.

By the click of a button, the online video courses are accessible for life with a one-off payment including full access to future updates.

Present Like a Pro is broken down into manageable topics and includes self-assessment exercises to track your progress.

What Will I Learn & What Areas Are Covered?

  • Feel comfortable and project confidence on-camera
  • Tackle & harness stage fright and nerves
  • Learn posture & breathing techniques
  • Tailor your scripts and reports for the screen
  • Work with a prompt or Autocue (no equipment required)
  • Increase vocal power and speak with clarity
  • What to expect on set/working in Television
  • Succeed in video/audio interviews (from both sides)
  • Deliver clear, powerful performances and presentations


  • No experience necessary – covers techniques for beginners and experts
  • Self-Testing exercises require some form of recording device, such as a phone, webcam etc.

 Learn how to harness your camera presence and capitalize on the video marketing explosion.

Taught by an industry professional, with over 15 years of tuition and a decade of professional media experience, Dr Paul Harrison has appeared on major networks, working with industry titans like Sky News, The History Channel, and Sega. But don’t let his experience fool you – he’s the first to admit that his early camera appearances were less than dazzling! And having worked consistently at his craft, he’s aware of the most common pinpoints and obstacles to progress.

Wait, it gets better…

In Summary…Past Preservers have teamed up with Close-Up Presenting to offer our experts an EXCLUSIVE 50% OFF to the first 100 purchases of their Silver and Gold courses.The course has access for life with a mobile-friendly platform! So whether you want to learn at the comfort of your sofa, on the commute to work or you need an excuse to have a break during a gym workout, Close-Up Presenting’s Present Like a Pro is the course for you!