Casting Expert Interviews!

Past Preservers is working with Bloom, a new app aiming to make career coaching accessible for everyone, to address some of the imbalances we currently see in the workplace and they would like to interview our amazing experts. 

“At Bloom, an innovative coaching app, we share authentic stories from real voices as a first, anchoring point to begin support and mentorship. I’m a documentary maker, and I tell and have told career stories, from everyone from Olympic athletes to airline pilots. We want to focus on your career journey, the real moments that shaped you. By showcasing day-to-day realities in even the most unusual of stories, the aim is to inspire empathy, provoke discussion, and ultimately foster reflection and empowerment for a stuck generation of dispossessed workers. If you have something to say about your own experience, we want to hear it.”
Emily Hall 

The content is audio only, with the benefit that the time commitment is just two hours, and your expertise need only be in your own experience. Bloom is offering a fee of £250 per interview.
If you are interested in this casting, please get in touch with us at with:
1- Your current location
2- A brief statement on why you would be a good fit for this project. 
If you wish to update your details or are not already registered with us, you can now do this online at Past Preservers – Registration.