Call for Submissions!

Calling All Writers & Video Producers!

You may have read recently about our collaboration with Ancient History Encyclopedia, we wanted to explain more about how that will work for the benefit of you, our experts.

They are currently looking for short videos and texts for the Ancient History Encyclopedia, an online publication that strives to provide the most accurate and engaging information about ancient history to students and enthusiasts around the world. The site is read by nearly 700,000 people every month, and around 300,000 people would have access to the content you provide through social media. With over 1.2 million monthly pageviews, your article or video will reach more people than any journal ever could.

Interested? They are looking for both texts and videos that

  • give a general overview of a subject, such as “Who was Alexander the Great?” or “Who were the Celts?”,
  • or provide a detailed look into a particular aspect of the subject, such as “What were Alexander the Great’s battle tactics” or “Celtic metalworking”,
  • and make sure to tell a story, including key events and fun facts presented in an engaging, fun way.
  • For videos, you could also tell their viewers why you’re so interested in your subject. Or you could produce a video about your field and your position, for example, “How did you become an Egyptologist?” Or talk about a day in the life of an archaeologist.

For texts, they are looking for both definitions (up to 1500 words, covering the key facts about a topic while focusing on the story) and articles (more in depth and/or more detailed on a narrower topic) that we can present to their readers.

Although new original text and video content is preferred, they will also republish older material, as long as you hold the rights to its publication. All submissions are reviewed by the editorial team before publication.

Join AHE, an international team of writers and editors, and show the world just how fascinating ancient history can be!

Please make sure you are signed up on our database and send us your videos and text to

All videos should be sent to us using a file share service such as Dropbox, or Wetransfer.