Casting Update

We have three new casting updates to share with you.

A contact from a UK based production company is working on a pilot show for the BBC. They are planning on a documentary looking at big restoration projects that give an insight into history and one which involves the local community in the restoration.

Ideally they are looking for a big, ambitious project with a strong local community behind it and a finish date within the next 2 years!

We are hoping that you may be aware of a suitable project in your area.


A US based production company are looking for a British family, company or individual who make their living collecting objects and/or refurbishing them for sale.  They are searching for people whom not only make a living doing this, but also have a passion for the job and go the extra mile to find unique objects from various places.

 If you are interested in the buying and selling of objects, enjoy frequent travel and would be happy to be the focus of a major US Network planned new show, we want to know!


An award winning documentary film house is seeking experts to contribute to a NOVA/PBS film series, Building Wonders of the World. They will utilize a combination of classic detective story archaeology and an immersive, hands-on construction demonstration. For their current project they are looking to recreate a piece of historical architecture based on the rock-cut tombs of Petra. The purpose of this model is to test out ancient methods of building by using academic knowledge to create a one-of-a-kind experimental example of how certain tools and techniques work in reality. Ideally the “tomb” will stand about 4m high and 3m wide and be made of sandstone.

They need someone who can creatively execute the project using sculpting and carving expertise and are also interested in hearing of possible new techniques to recreate the ancient architecture.

If any of the above announcements interest you, please drop us a line to indicating which project you would like to be involved with.

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