Community Archaeology TV Project

Astonishing Archaeology in the most ordinary of places!
We are working on a TV pilot for that will bring together archaeology and the local community in Britain in an exciting new way!
This will be the alternative archaeology series that uncovers the amazing British history that is buried in the most ordinary of places.

Our Brief “Welcome to the history show that eschews stately homes and keeps clear of castles, instead looking for amazing archaeology in the most outwardly ordinary of locations. From digging down to Roman ruins along an average east London street, to uncovering Viking encampments along a long forgotten canal-side embankment. There is really no end to the British places we could stick a shovel in and pull out a fresh pile of history. We’ll begin each episode in a specific street, town or small geographic location that the history books tell us has a high probability of hiding amazing history under it’s earth. Whether it’s unearthing ancient Saxon burial grounds in a Cotswolds school car park, or proving the existence of Moorish traders at the back of residential terraces in Mamucium (Manchester innit!). Each dig will tell a new and eye-opening story about an individual British location and it’s remarkable (but hidden) heritage”

Past Preservers Diggers! The archaeology on the series will be carried out by our qualified team of archaeologists, do you want to join the team, are you based in the UK and an active field archaeologist then please let us know!

We also need your stories! In each episode and especially in this our pilot we need our locations to tell a unique story about Britain and its remarkable history. It’s looking for a quintessentially British town/street with a verified link to a historical story we can tell, it doesn’t have to be something brand new or astonishing (we aren’t expecting another king in the car-park, but that would be nice!) but we do need to have more to tell then just the excavation.

Think Coast meets Digging for Britain meets DIY SOS!

We are looking for is a unique story that can be told alongside the dig in each episode!

What will we discover in YOUR backyard, street or neighbourhood?

If you have a project or idea that would work for this, then we need to hear from you! Please contact us at with any questions or updates.