Archive Request

Our clients are looking for footage and photographs of a cultural tour featuring US entertainment stars including Joey Adams and Buddy Rich’s sextet in 1961 that went through: Afghanistan, Laos, Singapore, Iran, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Cambodia, Jordan, Libya, Tunisia, Nepal, and India.

The tour was spearheaded by JFK in 1961 and it included Joey Adams as the MC and the entertainment was Buddy Rich’s sextet, the Sytle Sisters, and they toured the following countries from August through to December:

We opened on August 23rd, 1961, in Kabul, Afghanistan. Then split a week in Katmandu, Nepal and Phnom Pehn, Cambodia. Followed by one-night stands in Thailand in places like Chiengmai, Udorn, Hua Hin, Lopburi, Korat, and some of the smaller towns.”

It also sounds like they went to Laos on October 5th, stopped in Bangkok on their way to Indonesia where they met Sukarno, then to Singapore, Hong Kong, India, and finished the trip in  Tehran. “For example, we had to be in Afghanistan for the week of Jeshyn Fair, that was August 23rd. We had to be in New Delhi the week of the Industrial Fair; that was December 3rd. We had to be in Djakarta before the middle of October, because President Sukarno was scheduled to leave for Vienna for his kidney operation. And we couldn’t be in Laos until the first of October, because that’s when the rainy season ended.”

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