Anthropologists, Linguists, Iconographists and Specialists in Asian & Middle Eastern Studies needed ASAP!

Allatra International Public Movement (IPM) ( is a non-profit organisation established in 2011 and is solely run by volunteers. Allatra IPM is committed to uniting nations in friendship on the basis of cultural, moral and spiritual values, through kindness and mutual respect. They are a creative cooperation bringing together people from across the globe, implementing public, cultural and socially significant constructive activities, projects and programs. Alltra IPM has an international volunteer production studio, Allatra TV and Allatra Radio, whose material can be seen on their YouTube channels. You will notice it is not monetised and has a combined following of 102,500. Their documentaries have received a peak of 6.1 million views (to date) and would be a great portfolio piece for your showreel.

This brings us to their latest project. Allatra Science: The Universal Grain ( They are currently producing a documentary on ‘The importance of Peoples Choice.’ (The choice between Good and Evil). This project is aimed at searching for common factors in ancient cultures, focusing on how ancient civilizations’ moral values were reflected in their religion, ceremonial practices, legends and ancient mythology. They are keen to find experts in Zoroastrianism; Manichaeism; Indo-Iranian Philology as well as linguists who can give their interpretations of the etymology of ‘choice.’

Due to time sensitivity, filming of your interview will be via Skype and will take no more than 30 minutes of your time. (Please be aware that this would be a voluntary interview).

If you are interested please email with your availability between 2nd-5th January 2018.
Polite reminder: please ensure we have an updated CV, 2 pictures, a short bio and a 2-3 minute showreel/video bio from you.

All the best from the Past Preservers Team