Ancient Construction Series

About the Project! 
We are currently working with a client on a project about Ancient Construction techniques. The series will look at ancient buildings in Easter Island, Petra, Jerusalem, the Alhambra and the Acropolis and would mainly focus on the construction angle.

Expert Contributors Needed for Athens & Jerusalem Episodes 
Our clients will be shooting in Athens & Jerusalem in the spring of 2020. The episodes will be focusing on the construction of the following: 
– Acropolis including Parthenon, Erechtheion, Propylaea & the Temple of Athena Nikè

– Temple Mount
– The Dome of the Rock
– The Holy Sepulchre
– The irrigation system throughout the city

We are looking for Architectural Historians, Architects, Historians, Engineers & Archaeologists who can shed light on the building of these amazing constructions! 

How to Apply! 
If you are interested in working on either of these episodes, please get in touch with us at with your availability for Spring 2020, your location at that time and a word or two on why you would be a good fit for either the Athens or Jerusalem episodes.
Please note this is a paid job and all travel expenses etc will be covered. 
If you wish to update your details or are not already registered with us, you can now do this online at