Valley of the Queens: The New Secrets

Produced by Windfall Films for the Science Channel, Past Preservers provided expert Egyptologist Dr Arto Belekdanian.

The Valley of the Queens, Egypt. A long-forgotten necropolis filled with more than 90 burials. Today, archaeologists decode ancient inscriptions hidden deep in underground tombs, to discover the lost stories of the most powerful women in Ancient Egypt. How much power did famous Queens Nefertari, Nefertiti, Tiye and Hatshepsut really wield? How were their spectacular tombs built? And why do so many lie in ruins? In this special, investigators venture inside subterranean tunnels to search for clues. Using cutting-edge CGI, experts rebuild the Valley to reveal its ancient splendor… and uncover the surprising power of the Queens of Egypt.
  • Client:
    Windfall Films