Scanning The Nile

Produced by Label News & RMC Découverte. Past Preservers provided Expert Archaeologists Dr Maria Nilsson & John Ward.

For the first time, an international team of scientists will conduct a double scanning of the Nile in order to unveil its latest secrets. Get ready to board on a 5,000 year-long travel in time thanks to the most recent 2.0 Archaeology techniques. Exceptional authorisations will allow a precise photogrammetry of the 6,700km long banks. Whereas an underwater robot equipped with a 4K camera, a light system as well as a measuring laser and sample analyser will offer a wide exploration of the river down to 200 meters! Wrecks, flooded villages and buildings will be brought to light, along with the river wildlife.
  • Client:
    Label News & RMC Découverte