Pharaons: Comment ils ont percé le mystère des Astres

Produced by Label News for RMC Story. Past Preservers provided Experts Dr Meredith Brand & Yossra Ibrahim.

The pyramids of Giza fascinate the whole world. Even today, Egyptologists are striving to unravel the mystery of these stone giants whose construction dates back 4500 years. Their great builders must have had a certain amount of knowledge to build Khufu, Khafre and Mykerinos. Would they have been inspired by the world around them, by Nature, by the sun or even by the stars? Archaeologists, Egyptologists and even astronomers and astrophysicists from all over the world decipher the clues that the ancient Egyptians left on the Giza plateau to prove that they left nothing to chance: the three pyramids have everything to do with the cosmos.