Dr Peter Campbell, Maritime Archaeologist

Peter B. Campbell, PhD, is an archaeologist who works worldwide on shipwrecks, sunken cities, and underwater caves, as well as combatting the theft and destruction of culture. He is the Lecturer in Cultural Heritage Under Threat at Cranfield University. He has worked on famous sites such as Vasa, HL Hunley, Queen Anne’s Revenge, Wawona, and Pavlopetri. He has directed research and educational programs in eight countries, including directing fieldwork in Europe, North America, and Africa. Peter has appeared on CNN, BBC World Service, Great Big Story, and many other media outlets, He has published written pieces in the New York Times, Discovery News, Bloomberg, and the Guardian. He has appeared documentaries such as National Geographic’s Drain the Oceans series, Discovery’s Mysteries of the Deep, Ancient Mysteries Decoded, H2’s Ancient Top Ten and BBC2’s ‘Pavlopetri: City Beneath the Waves’. Peter is on the faculty of the Forensic Institute at Cranfield University, teaching and investigating crimes against culture including the looting and destruction of archaeological sites around the world.

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