Nothing Escapes My Eyes 

At the end of 2013, Past Preservers assisted with the final shoot of this short film by David Krippenorff and produced by Patrick Desling, at Cairo’s opera square

A poetic short film inspired by the famous opera Aida, to depict current issues of cultural identity and the pressures to conform. The film Nothing Escapes My Eyes by David Krippendorff is a visual and audio experience that, through image and music only, connects two historical events: the opera Aida that premiered in that building in 1871, and its destruction 100 years later. Just as the identity of the city of Cairo underwent a transformation, the character of Aida is also depicted as a person trying to transform her identity in the attempt to conform to the dominating culture. Thus, this “urban schizophrenia” of a city that had its identity partially replaced, is connected with the figure of Aida.