Nicholas Ferroni, Educator, Activist & Historian

Nicholas Ferroni is a revered high school teacher who mentors his extremely diverse students with deep personal commitment and care. Nick teaches History and Cultural Studies in his hometown and helped found his school’s GSA (Gay-Straight Alliance” and The Feminist Club. Nick was named one of the “100 Making a Difference” for his commitment to education reform and has developed the “Teach the Truth” campaign to incorporate more minority figures in social studies curriculum as well as including the history of the Gay and Lesbian Civil Rights movement. He was recently named the “Upstander of the Year” by the HRC (Human Rights Campaign) for his outspoken advocacy and support for LGBTQ youth. Nick has received national attention by numerous educators and publications for his unique and innovative methodology in successfully reaching contemporary and urban students. Nick’s most recent honor was being named a “Champion of Change” by a branch of the United Nations Women.