Nefertari: The Life Of An Egyptian Queen

Produced by Curtis Ryan Woodside, Past Preservers provided experts, Dr Bob Bianchi, Eileen Goulding, Dr Flora Anthony, John J Johnston, Noura Khedr, Sarah Begum, Sofia Aziz, Vivianne Rowan, Yossra Ibrahim & Dr Yvonne Vosmann.

One of Ancient Egypt’s most renowned royal women, but is almost unknown by non-egyptologists. She was known as the most beautiful, and intelligent queens in the ancient world. Her husband built a temple for her, she may have even been the power behind the Pharaoh… her name was Nefertari – The Beauty Of the Beauties. But who was this mysterious woman? We don’t know much about her, but through years of research, and putting together various sources of information, we can now possibly tell a more complete story of her life.