Natasha Billson, Urban Field Archaeologist

Natasha is an Urban Field Archaeologist who works across the UK to document heritage at risk due to land development. Being in the industry since 2010, she is able to decipher and identify historical structures, and artefacts spanning 20,000 years. This passion for preserving the past for future generations, has led her on a path to find new and innovative ways to disseminate research, through the use of daily educational content on social media via @tash_archaeo and hosting a popular YouTube Live show on her channel, Behind the Trowel.

As a member of the London Archaeologist and Council For British Archaeology-London Group, she advocates for heritage at risk. During the pandemic she established an international support network for archaeologists. Her current international project supports Ukrainian archaeologists, 3D scan artefact’s and monuments at threat of bombardment and looting.

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