Museum Men

Produced by T Group Productions for the H2- History Channel, Past Preservers presenter Dr. Robert Bianchi featured as a contributing expert and provided research in the premiere episode, “Unearthing King Tut.”

In Museum Men, we follow a team of highly-skilled builders who bring history to life.  The team from Creative Arts designs and builds historical exhibits for both big and small museums throughout the country.  Whether it’s King Tut’s Tomb or a WWI Tank, they are true craftsmen with a dedicated passion.  They approach each build determined to tell a story, and the details are everything. And these guys don’t just build for museums;  they also re-create items for individual private collections.  But every project has challenges, including hard-to-find research, demanding schedules, and obsolete methods of construction. Through this prism you’ll hear stories related to the objects, people and building techniques of various historical eras. Each episode culminates in a payoff: seeing the projects completed and a job well done.


  • Client:
    T Group Productions