Mummy Mysteries 

Produced by Blink Films for the Travel Channel and the U.K.’s Channel 5, Past Preservers provided our experts, Dr Bob Bianchi and Rebecca Bradshaw.

The six-part series “Mummy Mysteries” for Travel Channel, which is titled “Mummies Unwrapped” for Channel 5, follows a team of experts using cutting-edge science, historical breakthroughs and modern criminological techniques, to investigate the deaths of six Ancient Egypt royals. Each episode concentrates on a single 3,000-year-old embalmed body. They include the disfigured remains of Tutankhamun’s mother, to the so-called ‘Screaming Mummy’ and a potential Pharaoh found amongst the bizarre exhibits of a Niagara Falls oddities museum.
  • Client:
    Blink Films