Into the Unknown

Produced by Darlow-Smithson for the Discovery Channel, Past Preservers provided background research for the episode, “The Pharaoh of Radical Change,”and on screen expert, founder and CEO of Past Preservers, Nigel J. Hetherington.

Into the Unknown with Josh Bernstein is a thrilling and far-flung journey around the world with the Discovery Channel’s exciting and daring host, as he attempts to uncover and examine some of mankind’s most intriguing ancient secrets and comes face to face with spectacular natural wonders.

In each episode, Josh investigates some of our greatest mysteries and explores the most fascinating stories, such as whether “Noah and his Ark” really existed, whether Timbuktu was truly a City of Gold, and if life existed on Mars before coming to Earth. Inspired by deep mysteries and burning questions, he takes a series of unforgettable journeys into the unknown. No location is too remote, no culture too exotic and no goal too ambitious. Each quest sparks new revelations and incredible insights as Josh takes us on a thrilling hunt for answers.


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