Evidence of the Unexplained

Produced by WAG Entertainment for Sky History & Blaze TV. Past Preservers provided experts, Dr Karen Bellinger & Tony McMahon.

Over 6000 sightings of UFO’s are reported every year, along with terrifying abductions, animal mutilations, bizarre deaths and weird encounters with entities who appear to be unlike anything known on Earth. Many such sightings are caught on camera. Increasing numbers of scientists, politicians and military officials say unknown objects are at work in our skies and our oceans. This series examines the very latest sightings, which are supported by clear video footage or eyewitness accounts and explores recently declassified US’s top secret UFO files which casts new light on historic cases. From weird carvings on 10,000-year-old temples to data recorded by sophisticated military sensors, we look at all the evidence and attempt to discover the truth.