Egyptian Vice

Produced by Wild Dreams for Spike TV, Past Preservers presenters Dr. Allan Maca and Jessica McGinn featured as contributing experts in this two part special.

The Ancient Egyptian elite were more than just rich with history. With exploits that could’ve been ripped from the pages of modern magazines, experts will recount tales of excess wealth and discuss the scandalous vices of the era when Spike premieres “Egyptian Vice.”

Think the ancient Egyptians were squeaky clean? Think again. They practically invented vices like kinky sex, drug binges, and reckless spending. Part One of “Egyptian Vice” takes an in-depth look at The Sins of Egypt. We will be introduced to the most wealthy rulers in ancient Egyptian history. Rulers such as Ramesses ll & his wife Queen Nefertari, Amenhotep lll and Cleopatra.

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    Wild Dream