Dr Rose Drew, Physical Anthropologist & Archaeologist 

Rose is a physical anthropologist with a focus on human skeletal material, and has been a ‘dirt’ archaeologist since 1995. She has worked in the Caribbean, Connecticut, Florida, Indiana, Oslo, Cyprus and England, studying indigenous Americans, Vikings, Romans, moderns and folks who lived in medieval times. Rose worked with the Mary Rose remains for a few years, often giving lectures to visiting VIPs, and in one article discusses possible cerebral palsy in two crewmen! Rose is also a performance poet, with a TEDx talk on performance poetry, and has co-hosted a monthly ‘open mic’ in York since January 2006. Rose loves to present lectures to historical societies as well as at conferences, and teaches on Native American topics, archaeological theory and bio-archaeology. She’s made several TV appearances and is most pleased with solving the Cause of Death of Joseph Merrick, a/k/a The Elephant Man.