Prof George J. Bey III, Anthropologist & Maya Archaeologist

George is Professor of Anthropology at Millsaps College. He has worked in Mesoamerica since 1980 both at Tula and the site of Ek Balam. He has published extensively on Mesoamerica and is particularly interested in the evolution of complex societies and the study of ceramics. For the last 17 years Bey has served as co-director of the Bolonchen Regional Archaeological Project, exploring the rise and fall of the Maya at the ancient city of Kiuic. The subject of the recent National Geographic documentary “Quest for the Lost Maya,” Dr. Bey also serves as President of the international non-profit organization Kaxil Kiuic A.C. which, with the support of Millsaps College, operates a 4,500 acre biocultural reserve in the heart of the Yucatan peninsula. Bey is beginning a new three study in the Puuc region of Yucatan, using LiDAR to identify, map and explore with this new technology for the first time.