Dr Carla Ionescu, Greek & Roman Historian

Carla is a Romanian refugee who escaped the Communist regime with her family when she was 10 years old. She is also an adrenaline junkie, an animal lover, and a natural born storyteller. She likes to ride motorcycles real fast, and research through archival documents very carefully.

Carla’s research is focused on the influential nature of Artemis both in the Greek world and in Ephesus. Her recent book, “She Who Hunts: Artemis, The Goddess Who Changed the World” is a comprehensive compilation of all things Artemis, filled with examples of ritual, symbolism and cultural folklore.

As one of the leading experts in the worship and ritual of Artemis, Dr. Ionescu spends most of her time teaching in the field of Ancient History and Women’s Studies, and constructing The Artemis Centre, a virtual (and eventually physical) platform where everyone can learn, collaborate and enjoy stories of mythology and ritual culture. Carla hopes to run the Centre full time, create adventures in goddess travel, and share all her new discoveries with everyone who is passionate about ancient spiritualities and the mysteries of the divine feminine.