Dr Arto Belekdanian, Egyptologist

Arto is an Egyptologist with a talent for making even the most obscure facts fascinating. In his own words, ‘I strongly believe that knowledge not shared is a terrible waste and few things make me happier than to relay my expertise to others.’ His focus is on the New Kingdom period, ancient Egyptian religion, kingship, royal texts, and festivals. He has a keen eye for detail and impeccable research credentials thanks to a doctorate from the University of Oxford, making him uniquely capable of addressing both scholars and popular audiences. His engaging style and ability to tell an interesting story have made him much sought after as a lecturer, documentary expert, and guide. He has collaborated with broadcasters such as National Geographic, the Discovery Channel, and BBC Studios in addition to his work for the Egyptian Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities and his on-site archaeological excavation work. He is fluent in both ancient (Middle and Late Egyptian) and modern (English, French, Arabic, and Armenian) languages and prides himself on being the first guide on ancient Egypt to be certified in the Armenian language.