Dr Alexei Vranich, Archaeologist & Anthropologist 

Alexei received his Ph.D. from the University of Pennsylvania and has been working in South America since 1995. He has extensive research experience around the world in such places as Spain, Italy, India, Peru, and Bulgaria, and Costa Rica. He has been recognized by the National Science Foundation for the innovation application of technology in the study of the past.

He has bridged the divide between academic and popular archaeology through appearances on television and on the radio and in magazines such as National Geographic, The Sciences, and Archaeology Magazine, in addition to a variety of national and international newspapers. He has hosted a pilot for Discovery Channel and is currently working on several television specials. 

Alexei was formerly an assistant professor at the Cotsen Institute of Archaeology at UCLA, where he conducted his archaeological research. At present, he is a Research Fellow at UC Berkeley where he has collaborated with the Jacobs Institute Lab, exploring the use of 3D printing for archaeology. Alexei is also currently conducting research in Cusco, in the UNESCO World Heritage City core and on the Sacsaywhaman Monument.

More information on Alexei’s work can be found on his website