Ancient Unexplained Files

Produced by Rare TV for Science Channel, Past Preservers provided the following experts, Adam Ruben, Anthropologist & Historical Archaeologist; Dr Alexei Vranich, Archaeologist – Dr Allan Maca, Archaeologist – Dr Andrew Kinkella, Archaeologist – Dr Bob Bianchi, Critical Art Historian – Dr Brenna Hassett, Bioarchaeologist – Chelsea Rose, Archaeologist – Dr George Bey, Anthropologist – Prof Jacob Wright, Biblical Historian – Jordan Dills, Archaeometallurgist – Dr Karen Bellinger, Anthropologist & Historical Archaeologist – Prof Mark Schwartz, Archaeologist – Natasha Billson, Archaeologist – Dr Peggy Brunache, Historical Archaeologist – Dr Peter Campbell, Archaeologist – Sarah Yeomans, Archaeologist – Dr Sheila Hoffman, Art Historian & Iconologist – Dr Sian Proctor, Geoscientist.

In this Science Channel series, ancient investigations go digital as new forensics lab technologies help specialists solve key mysteries from over 70,000 years of human civilization. From CT scans of 3,000-year-old murder victims or analyzing the composition of a lethal Chinese sword, to infrared satellite images of lost cities, ANCIENT UNEXPLAINED FILES follows expert investigators as they use this cutting-edge technology to solve ancient history’s biggest secrets.
  • Client:
    Rare TV