Ancient Engineering

Produced by Off The Fence for CuriosityStream in association with PLANETE+ and ZDFinfo. Past Preservers provided expert contributor, Maritime Archaeologist, Dr Peter Campbell.

Discover how history’s greatest engineering marvels have changed the world! Built by ancient civilisations, using techniques that continue to be used to this day, we reveal how the planet’s most jaw-dropping structures broke new ground, often defying the known laws of physics. Ancient engineers created immense structures and pioneering inventions that have baffled science for thousands of years, and many of these “wonders of the world” are still standing.
From technological breakthroughs like The Wheel or The Wall, to huge structures like The Pyramid and The Taj Mahal, Ancient Engineering is a 10-episode documentary series bursting with the most exciting and intriguing feats of engineering from the ancient world, which have inspired and influenced modern-day engineering.
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    Off The Fence