Season Two of Working Over Time is looking for Guests!

We are looking for guests for Season 2 of the podcast series Working Over Time. The series is also a complimentary piece for a prospective network TV show of the same name. Experts are interviewed about a job, career, service and/or industry in a historical context, often discussing how this subject has changed (or not changed) throughout time. NOTE: All recording sessions will be done remotely over Zoom or similar platform until Covid-19 social distancing restrictions are lifted.

Catch the podcast here: Working Over Time (click link)

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to fight as a gladiator in Ancient Rome? What about life as a small business shop owner on a Crusades route? An artisan in Han Dynasty China? A seamstress during the French Revolution? What was life like for these workers and others like them? Welcome to Working Over Time, the show where we walk in the shoes of everyday workers, artisans, scientists, teachers, and tradespeople, tracking how economic systems shape and reshape societies, and are shaped by them. Each week, join Dr. Karen Bellinger – anthropologist, historical archaeologist and wannabe time traveler – and historians, archaeologists, and other experts, to examine how we work, explore the sometimes surprising origins of modern commerce systems, and even peek at the future technologies and systems that could change everything yet again. Listen & subscribe to Working Over Time on Spotify & Apple Podcasts. New episodes out every Friday! 

Worldwide history experts of all backgrounds are encouraged to apply. There will be a brief preliminary interview over Zoom with host and producer prior to possible participation. Some of the topics (covering both a select job & wider industry) we’re currently looking for historians to discuss are:

  • – Knights
  • – The History of Christmas
  • – The Future of work.

ADDITIONAL NOTE: We are always open to new ideas. There’s no way we’ve thought of everything! so experts with suggestions are encouraged to submit!

PRODUCTION: If this sounds like you, please get in touch with us at with details of the topic/job you would like to talk about alongwith your upcoming availability & current location.
If you wish to update your details or are not already registered with us, you can now do this online at